Bringing the mitzvah of tefillin to the 21st century 



Ever since 1967 Chabad has been at the forefront of publicizing the mitzvah of Tefillin for all jewish men across the globe. 

50 years later, in the age of social media, we can make this so much more widespread using the incredible reach of all facets of social media. Hence TefillinSelfie!

Please take a picture when wrapping and share it with the hashtag #TefillinSelfie and tag our Instagram handle @Tefillin_Selfie and our Facebook page Tefillin Selfie.

"Just before the outbreak of the war, an active campaign to push observance by Jewish males over 13 years of age to do the “mitzvah” of tefillin was launched by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the “Lubavitcher Rebbe" of New York—leader of a Hasidic sect with branches throughout the world.

Since the Six Day War in June which resulted in the creation of a united Jerusalem as part of Israel, more than 400,000 members of the Jewish faith are estimated to have observed the commandment to wear Phylacteries—tefillin In Hebrew—at the city’s Western, formerly known as the “Wailing” Wall."

- The Boston Globe, Nov. 25, 1967

The cure comes before the disease

As we approach Yud Alef Nissan, the Rebbe’s birthday, we can reflect on the Rebbe’s mission statement of seeking out every Jewish spark and rekindling it. The Rebbe ultimately succeeded in counteracting the horrors of the Holocaust through his mivtzahs. 

The Rebbe’s successes can be seen in the ten of thousands, even millions - but it is made up of one Jew doing a mitzvah at a time. 

Watch how a picture of ten thousand Tefillin selfies is truly made of one encounter at a time. 

Each person should show appreciation to the Rebbe’s efforts to preserve and strengthen Yiddishkeit worldwide by giving the Rebbe a gift. An extra mitzvah in honor of the Rebbe.




Send us your selfies and stories so we can share them and inspire others!


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